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Jewel of the Almafi Coast

Jewel of the Almafi Coast

If you dream about turquoise blue seas, colorful buildings, and scenery, houses covered in bougainvillea that seem to be carved out of the rock, then the Almafi Coast, specifically Positano is a must see. I fell in love with this little cliffside town. Italy is known for its beauty and romance but it is also full of character and charm. The people are friendly and welcoming and the food is indescribable. Italy will always be dear to my heart and one of those places that I will never forget.

There is a future blog that will cover my entire trip to Italy but this blog is dedicated to all the things that make Positano special. There are a few distinct things that will always remind me of my stay.

  • Lemons - The scent of fresh lemons fills the air. Many of the little gift shops I visited had an array of lemon themed gifts whether they be candles, perfumes, oils or vibrant pottery. There were even pasta dishes that were topped off with fresh lemon zest - just the thought of the dishes I enjoyed in this beautiful town makes my mouth water. One of the most popular drinks in Italy even lists lemon zest as the main ingredient (The Limoncello).
  • Franco's Bar - I loved spending time at this beautiful bar - it has a lovely terrace that overlooks the sea. You can stay and catch the sunset with a cocktail in hand. The most striking thing to me was the yellow ceramic fountain sculpted by Giuseppe Ducrot in 2015. Giuseppe is an Italian sculptor who lives and works in Rome. 
  • Blue and Yellow - Positano is extremely colorful and there is no shortage in the variety of colors that blanket this little town; however, the color blue and yellow seem to be the foundation in which other colors build upon.
  • Casa Buonocore - where do I begin? It is beautiful, welcoming and the staff is amazing. I never got the sense (not even once) that I was bothering them or asking for too much. It isn't in my nature to ask for much but they were so accommodating and gracious, I could not help but be impressed with the level of service they provided. The breakfast was worth waking up for. Each morning I enjoyed my espresso on the outdoor deck. The house is painted in white but the decor is bold and vibrant. I felt like I was in a Spanish villa tucked away in the mountainside of Italy. You will be greeted with an array of beautiful candles that illuminate your pathway in the evening. I hope to visit this boutique hotel again soon!
  • Tyrrhenian Sea - I floated in the most beautiful body of water I have ever laid my eyes on. I was able to find a secluded swimming spot away from the main tourist center and getting lost in my version of paradise was just what I needed. There is something to be said about floating in the middle of the sea, feeling small in comparison. You tend to let your mind drift like the waves washing over you, and that is when the most magical moments happen.

I could honestly go on forever describing the little details that make Positano special, but I would encourage you to visit on your own and create your own special memories. You will not be disappointed and don't be surprised if you start thinking of ways to find proper employment, so you never have to leave. Just sayin... :)



"There is something to be said about floating in the middle of the sea, feeling small in comparison."

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